Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dear MaMa P....

Are you the equivalent of a stalker? At the very least, a heckler. But, in fact, I couldn't hear you heckling because I was out of town. Away from the computer for FIVE FREAKIN' DAYS! On a lovely summer holiday with my family. Not concerned in the least about my blog or what I was going to write about next. (well.. that's not entirely true. I tried my damndest to get a good shot of the devastating pine beetle damage for you. See? I still think about you when I'm not here.)

So, I'm sorry for not writing since Friday morning. Whatever happened to the "no pressure", "write at your own pace", "I'll be here for you when you DO post"????

I'm here. I'm here.
I have some beautiful Rube family pictures for you when I get a chance to sit down here again.
(and I'm pms'y this next week, so should have no trouble finding something bitchy and angry to write about.)

(and, you know I love you, right?)


Anonymous said...

WOW -- my very own Blog Entry -- just for me.
I will cherish it always.
Big Smile
Didn't get the memo you were out of town..please add me to future distribution....ya rube!
Can't wait to see pictures of your trip
Of course I know you love me..duh.
Love ya right back. Now get to work!!!!
MaMa P

mlatulip said...

Okay... If you're home, then why aren't you AROUND??? I NEED YOU!!! :) You've really been missed. Really.

Hope it was wonderful & you'd better forward some photos along. I know one californian that would love to see them!

Magnolia said...

Must admit...it's nice to have you back J.Rube.
You and your blog have been missed.
Your blog is the first thing I check daily...before emails etc...
Can't wait to see/read what's happened lately.


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