Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On Michael Phelps...

A friend of mine suggested this morning that Michael Phelps was a yummy piece of eye candy.

B.Rube and I agreed last night that he looks better with his swim cap on (which wouldn't generally be such a great thing, except that he wears it a lot; more than your average person. So, that helps.) But, other than that, I think he looks remotely inbred at times. (although his sisters look just fine. So, I'm not sure what happened there. And his mom is a middle school principal, so you wouldn't think she'd be involved in any incestuous scandal. But, still. You never know - and who knows where or who Dad is. (evidently some fish or water mammal). He wasn't sitting in the crowd next to Mom.)

Ben just thinks his ears are big. I think he has a really bad set of teeth that he should use his millions to fix.

BUT! and there is a but, I do appreciate how low he wears his swim suit on his hips. Inappropriate? BAH, I say. It's the best part about him.
Oh, except for the way he swims. (which the inbreeding must be responsible for, because NOBODY swims like that!)

(okay, maybe there's something remotely appealing about him...)


Anonymous said...

I agree,he's got a stellar bod and is is a hottie when he keeps that cap containing those ears!

Anonymous said...

I think you're just jealous that Canada doesn't have a record breaking, gold medal winner like Mike.

Lay off -- or the US girls will be up there to kick your Rube Butt.

Ma-Ma P

p,s, --- I do think his teeth are a bit weird...that said, I wouldn't mind a squeeze of the hinny

J.Rube said...

Hell, I'd settle for even one metal at this point.
Can we spell P-E-R-F-O-R-M-A-N-C-E E-N-H-A-N-C-I-N-G D-R-U-G-S?

Like, seriously? How is it that they can break the world and olympic medals EVERY SINGLE TIME they swim it? That one race last night... he has won it every time he has swam it for the last 6 years. And he has broken his record EVERY SINGLE TIME. How can these athletes be that much stronger and that much faster every single time? It just doesn't even make sense to me.

Magnolia said...

Wow- I hadn't put that much thought into any of it.
But since you brought it up...
I think he is "alright" looking. I agree...if I can afford braces at 27 without making a wack of money...certainly he can afford it. And I think teeth are a big part of a first impression.
As for the ears....better to hold on with I say. LOL

Anonymous said...

He can do it all -- because the "ONLY" thing he has done for the last 3 years is: Eat, Swim and Sleep.

Literally, they had a feature on him --- and that's all he did.
No job, no pressure, no anything....just working like a swimming machine for 3 years.

Since we're on the Olympic's --- it really upset me last night watching womens gymnastics. The little girls from China. They said this one girl was plucked from her home at 3 -- kicking and screaming --- and put into a gymnastics program.
She said for the 1st 7 years all she did was cry to go home. I'm heart broken for these girls.

OK -- gotta go get ready for Michael who will be on in a few minutes.


Ma Ma P

mlatulip said...

Um, yeah. I'd say there's something remotely appealing about him. How about 9 gold medals and a rock hard body and the ability to eat 12,000 calories a day? I bet he could go at it for hours with a cardiovascular system like that.

Autumn said...

He is yummy. But have you checked out the synchronized divers? Damn, little speedos have never looked so good!


Anonymous said...

So right Autumn......while I'm not a fan of men in bikini briefs on the beach... I don't seem to mind seeing them on TV.

I've been waiting for one of them to "loose" it on entry to the the hell does it stay on?????

Ma Ma P

Lisa, Interior Decorator said...

oh my have done a thorough dashing of my fantasy (again!), Jo.

I have obviously been under a rock because it wasn't until tonight that I got my first taste (rowr!) of Phelps (we were on a last name basis only; my first encounter with him was as he was effortlessly gliding toward his first medal of the night; the turn and then the water was slipping around him as he sped through the liquid blue which seemingly parted in anticipation of his insistent hands and in the subtle snaking of his shoulders. With mind-numbing flicks of his pulsing legs he reached the wall and pulled his torso out; shuddering...), um, uh, sorry about that...what was I saying...

oh yes! Jo, the fantasy wrecker! I saw sexy Phelps; little swimmer cap on his head (looking much like the tip of a circumci...oh! there I go again!) post-win, looking hot and I thought: "yum!".

But now; it's gone!

Oh well, onto the next!

Family Of Five said...

The teeth totally bother me... I agree on the inbred looking statement! He looks a bit 'slow'

Marc Proudfoot said...

I think you're on to something with the inbreeding. If you look at his breakfast:

According to his autobiography...

3 Sandwiches of fried eggs, lettuce, tomato, cheese, fried onions, and mayo. One omelete, a bowl of grits, 3 slices of french toast with powdered sugar, and wash that down with 3 chocolate chip pancakes.

Isn't that what that donkey (that was hung so well) eats for breakfast? The donkey (I hope it wasn't a mule... us city folk can be so ignorant) doesn't look too aquatic, but you never know.

Winsome said...

oh yeah...I'm a fan.

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