Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Curly, Moe and Larry Arrive at the Rube Farm

B.Rube went to pick up the dogs from the kennel yesterday afternoon and, in staying starkly true to his nature, arrived home with new farm additions. I hardly blink anymore when it happens.

Here are our new Indian Runner Ducks:

An interesting breed, these ducks walk upright, more like a penguin than a duck. They live with the hens and wander about the yard, eating worms and slugs and other bugs, as well as some grass. They are cute and funny to watch, particularly when they run. And, most importantly, they are not vicious like the geese were and won't be attacking my children.
(Rest in peace, geese. Your friendlier replacements have arrived.)


Anonymous said...

Oh How Cute.
I've never seen those before.
I love that each one is a different color.
Let's hope the coyote doesnt' get em'?

Magnolia said...

I love that they appear to be walking together and in size seriation. LOL
I also love the names you've given them.

Lise said...

my god! they are fantastic! names? are you open to suggestions? perhaps a contest?

lise said...

oops! forget the names comment....apparently they are the 3 stooges. great names; you win!

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