Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Very Darison Bertation

This newscast was on Sunday night, just following the Grammy Awards. Initially, they suspected that she had some sort of mini stroke, but that has since been ruled out, and she is totally fine.
I think that I'd be exploring the possibility of a brain tumour or something like that, though. How the hell does this happen?


Brenda said...

My Bikram instructor last night made reference to this. He said he often feels like he talks all gibberish like that when he leads a class (from talking so fast for 90 minutes straight). He also made a point to say that since the newscaster was okay, his comment wasn't in poor taste.

AppleTree 43 said...

Hmmm...could she have been "high" on something?

thelma said...

poor thing looked absolutely horrified and lost...but her hair was nice

Alissa said...

I haven't seen the video but this has been all over the morning radio shows here. There was a debate about whether or not it is ok to laugh at her. I personally laughed my ass off. I hope something isn't seriously wrong with her and if so then
*that* isn't funny but what she said is still pretty fucking funny.

Renee said...

I wonder if she understood what she was saying? Bizarre.

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