Thursday, February 24, 2011

I just peed in my pants a bit

and it's all T.Rube's fault!

And I know it's way too much information to be publicly sharing here, but that's kinda what I do....demonstrate little shame or humility, find the ability to laugh at myself; just lay it all out there and make people a bit uncomfortable (or a lot uncomfortable depending on how damn uptight you might be). You're actually lucky that I don't share more, like I do with my close friends.  Be forewarned, however, that there are some explicit goat pictures coming to you that are definitely going to make a few of you cringe....

I was out doing the farm chores (where it is fucking cold! I know that some of you prairie and central-Canada folk might laugh when I say that. The Pacific Northwest....where it rarely dips below zero. But, seriously, it is COLD. Like, minus double-digits windchill factor cold.) But, rather than hurrying through my tasks, I brought the camera out with me and got some great pictures of some of the animals in the bright winter sunshine.
(with a face that only a baboon's ass would love...)

It was when I started to coil up the frozen hoses to haul inside that I started to have the urge to pee. I quickly finished what I was doing and hurried to the basement bathroom where, just as I was about to pull my pants down, I glanced into the toilet bowl and saw....... THIS.

A heavily saturated half of a cheese bun stick and a black plastic bar cup. Interesting.

It was during the run upstairs to the other bathroom that the 'accident' happened.
Although I'm still claiming it was no friggin' accident really. There is someone at fault, and it isn't me.
This has T.Rube written all over it.

You know what she's going to be doing in about 2 minutes, eh?
Goin' fishin'.


AppleTree 43 said...

BEST post since your return.
LOVE it.
GRADE: A+++++

This is the RUBE I know.
Making me laugh out loud.

Question.....would it have been so bad to just pee on the cheese roll and cup? Or do you think T.Rube was going to come back and retrieve it for an afternoon snack.

AND - how did it feel..."All warm and woozy inside"?????

J.Rube said...

Glad you loved it, Appletree! :o)

Peeing on the bun and cup wouldn't have been bad at all. In fact, preferable to peeing my pants.
But, I knew that somebody would have to reach in there to fish those suckers out. And THAT part would have been bad; worsened by adding pee to it.

And, considering it was cold outside and I was double-layered with my long johns on even...yes, it was warm. Welcoming. Almost.

Mayan_Love_Goddess said...

ROFL!! ... Well, these types of accidents do happen much more frequently than adults care to admit. Thanks for the laugh tonight!

Hiromi said...

waaaay toooo funny!!! I just love that girl!

Martha David said...

Every time I go for a run its also exercising those pee-holding muscles... And I just simply don't go on the trampoline at all anymore ;)

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