Saturday, February 19, 2011

Duck Catching

We have a customer coming over this morning to get some ducks. Now, before you make the assumption that we are sending them off to the butcher blocks and roasting pans, and start feeling sorry for them, know that these ones are simply being happily relocated to another farm.

It's always a bit of a challenge catching ducks and is not really something that I am skilled at or enjoy doing. I lose patience with the process far too easily. But, it is something that S.Rube likes participating in. It's the only time she's allowed to chase our animals, I guess; working them up into a crazy frenzy.

This morning, I caught her on video catching ducks.
And, speaking of crazy frenzy...what the hell is CC doing in the background here? You can certainly see the concern of the others - all the sheep and goats are watching, wondering what's going on. CC gets quite worried when we interfere with her animals like this, and begins to kinda playfully exert her power and need to control things. Either that, or she's just trying to help out by catching a duck or two of her own.

( By the way......not necessarily a highly dangerous activity, duck catching does not really require the use of a helmet. But it's a new helmet so she's been wearing it non-stop, and she actually was riding her bike before jumping in to help catch ducks.)


Robyn said...

Love that farm girl!!!

Hiromi said...

Didn't realize just how much agility was required for cornering and catching ducks! GO Ben GO!!! He's got a great teacher there! ;)

Mayan_Love_Goddess said...

Hahaha! So cute. :)

AppleTree 43 said...

OK for me....highlight was seeing B.Rube's BUTT in this video. HOT HOT HOT !!!! LOL

Great job are amazing.

I question if the ducks communicate with each other..ya know like on the kids movies and stuff? Cause when S.Rube brought her catch to the cage, there were ducks roaming around the if talking to the ones already in the cage or something. Were they saying their "good-byes"???
Love the video and seeing the Rube Farm that I miss so much.

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