Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Most of the time, I dream happy

So, for the past couple of days, I've been curious and somewhat disturbed by a dream that I had the other night. I remember my dreams fairly often and am continuously amazed by the whole phenomenon. The ability of our subconscious sleeping mind to activate a dream with such vividness, clarity and, in most cases, absolute bizarre and unrealistic outcomes is boggling.

My dreams are usually fun and welcome escapes; something I look forward to when going to bed at night. I often spend those nights in Vegas, with lots of socializing, or exploring houses, bars and loft suites with endless numbers of hidden rooms and secret passageways. When I was pregnant, the rush of hormones provided me with crazy, lust-filled nights that were so realistic I felt guilty in the morning.
I've been angry in the morning too, after waking from dreams where I've been done wrong by; where lying and cheating occurs. Those dreams that take hours and hours to shake off; where, on occasion, you have trouble ever looking at someone the same again, learning what they were capable of that one night in your dream.
And, on the very rare occasion, I've woken up in tears, after dreaming of a loss. Usually the loss of one of my girls.

But, most of the time, I dream happy.

Even the other night. I was oddly okay with what was happening in my dream; despite the fact that all of my teeth fell out. Now, I've dreamt about tooth loss many times before. It is usually just one or two teeth and I find myself worried, shocked, confused and devastated by the loss.
This week, it was my entire upper set of teeth. And they all came out in one big section, exactly as though I had dentures. In the dream, I was out with friends when I realized I had a loose tooth, and as I touched it and wiggled it and eventually pulled it, the other teeth beside it also started to come out....until I was pulling out my entire upper set of teeth, much to my surprise.  Maybe in an attempt to cover up my shock and upset, I made a joke of the issue and turned it into a bit of a bar trick, drawing attention to myself rather than detracting it.  As the dream continued, I would demonstrate pulling my teeth out to anybody who would take the time to watch, and even entered a 'stupid human bar tricks' contest, with my teeth as the main attraction. (which reminds me.... I gotta show you my real stupid human bar trick!)

Apparently tooth loss dreams are really common, and represent a few different things going on for me in my subconscious mind.  Most obviously, it might suggest that I am having some actual teeth issues that I'm worried or thinking about. And this is, in fact, true. Not to mention the extreme avoidance I have when it comes to my dental work. So, yes, I am having teeth fears and not addressing them.
The other thing that dream analysis talks about with loss of teeth dreams is a fear or insecurity of aging and a decline in attractiveness. I think this also could be true. Interestingly, in my dream, I seem to overcome my insecurities and cover up with humour and witty presentation. Much like I do in real life.
Or it could be that I am feeling powerless in some situation in my life. I might be having trouble expressing myself or feeling as though I'm not being heard or that things are out of my control.

I'm going to take it as a sign that:
I need to get myself to my dentist, before I truly do start losing teeth and have to place my dentures in a glass of water beside the bed.
And find some peace in knowing that I always seem to turn my anxieties into a positive thing.
And hope that I'm back to dreaming about Vegas again tonight.

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Joanne S. said...

Dear god, this blog could have been written by ME almost word for freaking word!! Except I've never been to Vegas and I just made my appointment at a dentist. Second time in fourteen years!! Lol, I'm such a chicken! I'll let ya know Rube if she's any good.

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