Monday, February 21, 2011

The Fashion Police hit the Westminster Dog Show

I laid in bed last night before falling asleep watching the 2011 Westminster Dog Show and was struck with a thought that I have every time I come across one of these shows:
What the hell are these women wearing????

There is definitely a certain breed of person that is drawn into the Dog Show world, as was demonstrated in the hilarious Best in Show movie in 2000 and further evidenced every year as the Westminster Dog Show is publicly broadcast for the world to see. Let's face it, we have our preconceived stereotypical ideas about the dog lovers that do this sort of thing to begin with. And their choice of clothing only reinforces that further. It is seriously antiquated and seriously unflattering.

Maybe it's the fact that they appear to be dressed for church in 1981 that turns me off so much. I'm almost certain that their lovely polyester suits have not come off the store shelves anytime in the past 20 years. Because, quite frankly, nobody is designing clothes like this anymore. Right?

This is NYC in the year of 2011 and here is what the handlers are wearing:

I actually find myself having trouble focusing on the actual dogs while these women are running them around the ring, because their outfits are so damn ugly.  The intent of the handlers outfit is to showcase the dog and to provide a nice complement to their canine counterparts; not to detract attention.

Well, guess what, ladies? It ain't happening.  Because here's what we see...
Fat legs and fat feet squished into tiny shoes.

I would think that when this guy showed up, it was a friggin' welcome relief for the spectators. Pretty sad when he, almost completely naked, looks better than the women running around the ring.

And, at least this handler knew enough to cover herself in the appropriate places too....
(but, jesus, a slightly longer skirt is definitely called for here.)

I would like to make the recommendation that dress slacks and a nice blouse would help the Dog Show's profile considerably. (Or a lot of exercise and a good diet plan.)
Get with the program, ladies. Update your wardrobes. Look around you for a moment and see what the rest of the world is wearing - and not wearing. Learn what flatters you - and what does not.

And, in the meantime, until that happens,  here's my winner:


Renee said...

But those shoes are.....comfy. I'm sure they're on their feet all day, and all that jogging around. :)

AppleTree 43 said...

OMG - I am LFAO Rube.

I think you should enter CC next year and show them a bit of the 21st Century style!

Nan said...

Very funny. By the way I am not anonymous, I am Nan

thelma said...

Although I am in agreement about the lack of style in the ring, I suggest that your winner would take the focus from the canine competitors as well.

Anonymous said...

make me pee my pants J.Rube

karyn said...

your choice... a doggie bjorn?? seriously?

I don't even think those dogs make 'dogs' proud... most look as ridiculous as their owner...

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