Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm all over jumping naked into a lake, but...

This afternoon in T.Rube's fantasy world, she packed up one of her favourite dolls, a 4-year-old named Rosie, and announced that she was taking her "daughter to Squamish for a trip to the swimming pool". I played along and asked if there was a special pool in Squamish that she was traveling so far for the day, maybe one with a big slide or something? She answered, "well, we're going to the naked swimming pool." Ahhhhh, I see...the naked pool.

This all stems back to a conversation we had a few weeks ago. One that she was very interested in at the time and has evidently remembered well.
I was searching the web for schedules for some nearby pools when I came across a monthly naked swim session. That's right....a naked public swim at the Newton Wave Pool. I was pretty surprised, to say the least. And I shared my surprise with my family.

Now, don't get me wrong. I truly love being naked. Definitely more so than many. I rarely ever get opportunity to be naked now, but I can assure you that I WOULD NOT BE FINDING THAT OPPORTUNITY AT THE LOCAL NAKED PUBLIC SWIM SESSION.  There is something truly odd about the person who participates in this; jumping and playing in the waves at the pool as their saggy tits bounce uncontrollably about, or taking a leap off the diving board for the ultimate belly flop with your penis aiming straight down, ready to hit first. Or sitting about the hot tub with a bunch of other naked freaks, and just hoping to hell that one of the woman isn't riding a jet while sitting next to you.

Before writing this blog tonight, I googled naked public swim sessions for the area and discovered that they are happening all over the Lower Mainland at different pools every week. So, it would appear that we all have to consider the exposed pubic hair and stinky body parts that inhabited the pool in the hours before we arrived with our kids for their swim lessons.

So, T.Rube was heading off to her first (imaginary) naked public swim, in Squamish no less. I asked her if she planned for her and her daughter to be naked. And she replied that her "daughter had her swimsuit on actually, and that she did too, but wasn't sure if she was going to wear it or not."
I tried to distract her by telling her about other fun things to do in Squamish; some rock climbing perhaps, or a nice hike up the back of the Chief, some shopping along Cleveland...

.....Anything but the naked pool.


Brenda said...

If these naked swim sessions attract the same kind of people that go to the pool for regular swimming, count me out!
Also, wondering how they keep the perverts out. Do they screen people based on looks and have a $20 cover charge for men like they do at the topless pools in Vegas?

thelma said...

hilarious wee exhibitionist like her mommy

Renee said...

Wow - who knew?!?

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