Thursday, February 17, 2011

And if naked swimming isn't your thing......

In my search for naked public swim sessions, I discovered a club called SkinnyDippers. I'm sure they'd love the traffic to their new site if you want to check out their website. It's Maybe some of you are interested in joining. ;o)

And, the best part is that they don't just provide naked swim gatherings, they have also organized an upcoming rock climbing event. A naked rock climbing event.

Now, I used to climb a bit. I'm familiar with the sport. It involves being up on a rockface with someone standing directly under you holding your ropes. Even with clothes on, this is a very provocative position to be in, as you are probably visualizing right now.  Your private parts are exposed to everyone below. And then, add to this visualization...the harness. The harness that comes up around the legs to the crotch area. For the naked gentlemen climbers, the ball sack will be nicely squeezed and hanging in between. For the women, the coochie will be showcased well, almost framed. And, in both cases, the ass will be beautifully on display.

But, these aren't rock climbers who have decided to climb nude, with their fine lean experienced bodies. These are nudists who have decided to rock climb. It is not likely to be a pretty sight. And will involve far too much visible hair.

However, the thing about this that worries me the most; again, going back to my own fear and sense of ick in all of this naked stuff... are the rental harnesses.

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Robyn said...

This reminded me of when I worked in the travel business and a co-worker had clients looking for a naked cruise. I couldn't help but wonder...are you naked all the time? I can't imagine sharing a table of 8 surrounded by pure nudity! What about the cruise staff...the servers, the captain, the nightly entertainment??!! Haha

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