Sunday, February 20, 2011

Always fold, bet or raise; never check

I'm happy to report this morning that nobody - mainly and including myself - required lifting the toilet seat during last night's poker party, other than the men using it for their regular business. A couple of the girls had to run a 10 km this morning, so they refrained from drinking. I, with an easy 20 minute jog on the schedule for today, figured I could indulge a bit. With only a couple of vodka/limeades in me, I managed to stay fairly clear, while still being occasionally loud and obnoxious, and made it to the 'heads up' round, by attempting to "always fold, bet or raise; never check".... where I eventually lost, but happily took my $60, wishing it was $100.

(Art, you may have beaten me in poker, but the challenge for our foot race remains intact: Golden Ears in July, my friend...)

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