Friday, October 17, 2008

My Toxic Contribution to the Depleting Ozone Layer....

...sounds something like this.



The poor Rube family is having to put up with me. I'm stinkier than the old bloody white dog in the house. (He's a 11+ year old American Bulldog with digestive issues. Need I say more? ) I've started a cleanse called the Wild Rose D-Tox and am on Day 2 of 12. Fortunately, the gas seems to have subsided now that the pooping has started. It was just like a sneak peek (or should I say 'sniff'?) of what was about to come.

If you google Wild Rose D-tox, there's tons of stuff out there about it. Or check out the Wild Rose website (this one is the 12-day detox diet).

I'm liking it cuz I can still eat. That last Lemonade Diet that I did, I had to starve myself. Although I'd give anything to be able to put a bit of maple syrup in my lemon water right about now.
I find that I'm really craving sugars - something that we're NOT allowed to eat. Any form of sugar even - no maple syrup, no cane sugar, no Splenda, no Stevia even, I think. The sweeter tropical fruits aren't allowed either. So, I'm getting it from the odd apple or pear, which is nothing compared to the dark chocolate chips that are in the cupboard.
We are allowed to have a coffee or two, but only black. Yesterday I avoided coffee in the morning completely, cuz a coffee without sweetener (usually hazelnut creamer) just ain't worth drinking. This morning, however, I was desperate enough for a taste other than water and herbal tea that I actually did drink a half cup of black coffee and kinda enjoyed it.

Just be glad that I'm not describing my 'expulsions' to you in great detail, or, better yet, taking a picture.

Not yet anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Geez J.Rube -- I have been looking to do a cleansing.......and here you are with a great suggestion.
I feel like my body is all clogged up --
I guess I should warn G and M before Is!!

Thanks for the tip and warninings....

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