Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mother Clucker

Okay, so there's more to life than just C.C. In fact, the Rube Farm has been full of life this week.
Lisa and Betty's litters of bunnies are absolutely thriving - they both have 7 each.
We have moved the chicks into their 'next-step housing'. They are in that ugly and gawky adolescent stage. If they could grow pimples and swear at their parents, I'm sure they would.

And, most importantly, we had 9 more baby chicks born yesterday - naturally and 'in the wild', with us almost completely removed. We had a brown laying hen go broody a couple of months ago; she started gathering her own eggs, and set up a nest in amongst the weeds and blackberries. She then laid about a dozen eggs over a couple of weeks. And then she set.
and set. and set and set. For about 21 days to be exact. We heard peeping under her yesterday and then she left the nest and went for a walk. With 8 babies in tow!! 8 wonderful and fluffy little yellow babies. I checked the nest and found one wet cold almost-motionless little chick, who had been left behind to die. I picked it up and put it under the heat lamp for the next 12 hours, where it warmed and dried up. We tucked it under Mother Clucker last night as she slept. She woke up this morning with 9 babies under her instead of 8, and doesn't have a clue.
We have provided chick grower and water nearby, so they can start eating, but otherwise, they are on their own.


Anonymous said...

So cute -- so exciting to check out the Rube Farm blog these much going fun.
Bunnies, Chicks, puppy, ....etc

the envious mother starbucker said...

here's to new life!

...and to doing it like bunnies!!!!

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