Monday, October 20, 2008

Cleanse Update

I am on Day 5 of the cleanse, and it really doesn't feel like much. I poop in the morning like I usually do. I take a bunch of pills before breakfast and again before dinner. I've been eating all naturally, with the NO flour, dairy or sugar thing. But, I've been using a fair bit of butter (which is allowed) and having my big bowl of popcorn at night (which is allowed) and using my favourite salad dressing (which is allowed and contains all the right natural ingredients for the cleanse) but also contains quite a bit of fat. I've also been eating a lot of almonds (fat) and avocados (fat).
I think I'm down a pound or two since the start. We're doing a weigh-in on Wednesday, so I'll let you know the results.

I'll be the girl who gains weight on the cleanse, because of the addition of FAT in my diet.


Anonymous said...

So, they don't sell the Wild Rose Detox down here in the US...or atleast no stores around where I live.
I was going to order it online....should I? Not getting a positive vibe from your first 5 days.
Do you feel cleansed?

J.Rube said...

Wait for another day and let you know everyone's results after 7 days. We are doing a weigh-in tomorrow night.
I'll get a better idea of how everyone is doing. I know that they're pooping more than me and have even had to decrease the laxative portion of the pills.
I definitely feel less bloated and skinnier than I did a week ago.

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