Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ma-Ma's Good Libations!

I LOVE ME MY MA-MAs!!!!!!!!!!!

What more can I say? drunk and disorderly.
I just fell into the door and it slammed shut. I'm glad there's no kids here. They're at Gramps and Ali's place.
I was out with my Ma-Mas tonight. I love them. I know i'm a little drunk right now, but I really do love them.

But, you know what? They consider me a 'big mouth'. They had to choose the 'big mouth' at their table and it was almost unanimous that I was it, except for lovely Ma-Ma Donna who thought that Ma-Ma Jill was. Me??? A big mouth??

1 comment:

my friday night was pretty freakin' low-key said...

we still win the prize for latest return from the bar (3:30 am!)!

OF COURSE you won the $50!!!! Congratulations!

can't wait to hear how the new one measures up to Brad...

big mouth? are they speaking literally or figuratively? I wouldn't say that it is big so much as "well-exercised"

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