Thursday, October 2, 2008

In Search of Life....

In an attempt to remember why I am living on the farm and caring for the animals (and, in particular, the rabbits), I went in search of LIFE today.

The logical place to go was Lisa.
If you recall, we moved Lisa to a private area to have this litter, because her last litter ended catastrophically.
Here's her new temporary pad. I think this will be our maternity ward for all future baby-killing mothers.
Private enough for her, do you think? She's basically living in a big plastic box.

Oh, there's a peek of Lisa now.

And, closer up.
You might think that she's on guard of her babies, but really she's just looking for a piece of lettuce. She gets a leaf or two a day right now while nursing, but just until the kits leave the nest and start to hop around. A leaf of lettuce could be deadly for a young rabbit. So, she's got to enjoy it while she can. And enjoy it she does!
You can see the nesting box in there - that's the wooden thing with the shit in it. Rather than using the box, Lisa had her babies in the very back corner behind the nesting box. So, we can't remove the box now, because it is holding the babies in.

I haven't really gotten a look at them either. I could see a bit of white, but had no idea how many there were and what they looked like. I reached in with my camera for this first shot.
Sooooo sweet.

I adjusted the zoom and captured this.
Oh My. Aren't they so freakin' cute??? I can see 7. It looks like their eyes are just now in the process of opening. That makes them about 9 or 10 days old. It'll be another week to 10 days before they start hopping around and looking for real food.

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Anonymous said...

OMG -- I've never seen a 10 day old bunny before.
Amazing....and yeah....THEY'RE ALIVE.

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