Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cuz I know how much you love the poop talk!

I think that S.Rube will be eating well for a while again. For as least as long as her memory will serve her.
She spent over 8 horrendous hours last night trying to poop. This involved sitting on the toilet rocking, shaking, sweating, moaning, crying and shrieking once or more an hour. We tried two suppositories, which didn't help. We tried a nice warm bath. We tried drinking water. And going for a walk. We tried stomach massage. And pumping her legs.

She promised, in her pain, that she would eat differently and drink more water.
This wasn't an isolated incident for us. She seems to form hard baseball-like fecal matter, with no real likely way out.

Finally, at 2:30 this morning, she pooped.
But only after the aid of my siliconed finger.
By that time, desperate to stop my sweet baby's pain (which had long before become my own), I was prepared to dig to fucking China to get that thing out. Fortunately, I didn't have to.
At times, I likened our experience to me helping her deliver a baby. The noises coming from her were identical, as was the content of her words: 'Get it out' 'NOW' 'It's stuck.' 'It hurts.' 'GET IT OUT'. The only thing missing was that she wasn't swearing at me or telling me to rot in hell.

I sure hope THAT experience isn't just me and S.Rube in a bathroom crouched over a toilet and ready with my lubed-up finger.


Magnolia said...

Oh poor S.Rube.
That can be so scarry for them and for us moms.
When Carson was little we went through the same thing for a few days. Tried all the same things, and then....while out at Red Lobster...IT happened. (we were out for my brother-in-law's birthday) You could hear him screaming in the washroom, through the whole restaurant. Ladies...complete strangers were coming in to see if they could help.
For about a year after this...I used Colase (sp?) drops that can be added to liquids like, milk, juice and water. It is very gentle.
As he got older...and still now at age 11 sometimes...he can still have "hard" times. When it's bad...we use Lyndsil (sp?). It is lyndseed(sp?) oil made to look and taste like raspberry jelly.
Natural solutions are the better choice...but they helped him alot at times.
Hope she is feeling better...and you too...you must both be exhausted.

Anonymous said...

Awh, Poor S.Rube.
I have to wonder.....what about a good old fashioned enema?
I had to do that when I was 40 weeks pregnant. I was so backed up....there wouldn't have been room for the baby to move.
Ahhhhh --- pure pleasure after that little remedy?
Don't know if it's OK for kids...but the solution gets everything pretty soft.....pretty quickly?
Food for thought.

J.Rube said...

Please don't say 'enema' and 'food' in the same paragraph again. lol

I totally considered the enema option last night. We used to have to do that for some kids I used to work with, who were on powerful medication that bunged them up completely. I think it would be a good thing to have on hand for nights like last night.

willing to admit that you are a far better mother than me.... said...

siliconed finger aid?

FUUUUUCK...have you received your mother of the year award yet?

(from one who isn't ready to lose her night-on-the-town friend yet; please think of these eight hours before you try for another Leo!)

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