Friday, October 24, 2008

I feel GREAT.

I've had a few people ask me about the cleanse and how it's working for me. Also.. whether I'd recommend it or not.

I'd recommend it. It changes you. The weight loss, as of week one, isn't grand, but it's enough. I lost 2.4 lbs and plan on losing more than that in week two.
It is more about how you feel, for sure. We all feel GREAT (certainly better than good, even better than great). I have this feeling in my belly of calmness and serenity; an 'all is good in the world' type feeling, even when things clearly aren't all good in the world. The cravings are gone. Our appetites are super low, and the 12 days teaches you about a better way of eating, so that you aren't likely to return to the same habits before.

The release of toxins and the pooping is different for everyone. I haven't had one bout of stomach cramping, for example, while others have. For me, the pooping has been completely manageable. I've had moments of cold-like symptoms that mysteriously pass a half hour later. I also am getting headaches from time to time.
One of the things that is consistent amongst the group of us doing the cleanse is that we all started our periods early. I was 4 days early, and the other girls were more than that (even up to a week early!).
I'm on Day 9 and I feel GREAT.

p.s. the Wild Rose D-tox Cleanse is a Canadian product, but is available online.

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Anonymous said...

Well, that's the update I was waiting for. And since I too long to feel "GREAT" I'm going to order it online tomorrow.


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