Saturday, October 18, 2008

C.C. and her Sheep Peeps

I know you all have been wondering about C.C. this week.

She is amazing. Better than amazing. AMAZING.
She loves it here and she loves her sheep peeps. They aren't quite sure how much to love her yet, but they have definitely accepted that she isn't leaving anytime soon. Other than the occasional headbutt or hard knock up against a tree stump like this morning, they are doing just fine. Working out some differences. But, otherwise, doing just fine.

You'll be happy to hear that she is only locked in her kennel at night right now and while we're out. (which isn't very often). She starts to yap and whine a bit at about 7:30 every morning, because she wants out, usually to take a poop. But, other than that, she is content.
She gets playful with her peeps once in a while and tries to engage them in puppy play (to which they want no part). She resorts to chasing her own tail and attacking the giant dirty mole hills scattered throughout the field.
After she has expended some energy, she often just finds a spot on the edge of the pasture and sits straight up, very noble-y, and you just know that she's watching over her domain.

I took these pics this morning. If you look hard in the middle on the right side, you'll see C.C. lying by the pond.


Anonymous said...

What a great life for CC.
can you adopt me next????

Loved all the pics...they are so tranquil...I kind of feel relaxed after looking at them.

You are so right my dear Miss J.Rube --- you are blessed....over and over again.


P.S._ exactly what time does a Rube Farm member get up in the morning????

J.Rube said...

Yes to being blessed.

In answer to your question... not early. Neither B.Rube or I are early risers. I try to do a round of chores every night before bed at some point so that the menagerie isn't looking for us at 6 am. C.C.'s barking has been getting us up a bit earlier this past week.
Usually 8-9 am, though.

Magnolia said...

C.C is so cute!!!!
He does seem very happy.

I don't have a farm...and I am up at 6 am Monday to Friday and 7am on Saturdays. Hmmmm? and I both know how much I hate getting my hands sleep in and I'll get up at 6. LOL

The farm really seems to have changed and grown since our visit.
Really pretty.

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