Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More P-E-N-I-S humour....

Last night's bathroom conversation between B.Rube and S.Rube..... once again, as B.Rube is having a pee....

S.Rube: That's a funny thing you pee from, Daddy.
B.Rube: mmmhhhhh
S.Rube: That's a penis.
B.Rube: Yep.
S.Rube: Mommy has a penis, too.
B.Rube: ummmm... no... I don't think so, sweetie.
S.Rube: Yes, she does have a penis. It's a nice pretty blue one. Kinda turquoisey. It's for her home work stuff. I'm not big enough to touch it though.

Oh dear.... I knew the time was coming when I couldn't let S.Rube see my "work stuff". Preparing for an O!Behave party with beautifully coloured vibrating penises spread out across the kitchen table was eventually going to produce too many questions that I'm not quite ready to answer. The days of the eldest Rube child being able to run around waving a pretty purple suction-cupped dong, or holding a cute little vibrating bullet to the tip of her nose were eventually going to come to an end.

The end is now here. She is officially too old.
And, for the record, there is far too much p-e-n-i-s talk around here for my liking.
(oh...and S.Rube, you'll NEVER be big enough.)


Anonymous said...

Very funny.
I love the stories from inside the lou.

Anonymous said...

GREAT story -- you'll have to print that out and add it to her scrapbook for sure.
Ma-Ma P

J.Rube said...

scrapbook??? what scrapbook??

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