Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Some asshole ball player decided years ago to hold a big annual super-series ball tournament every Mother's Day weekend. As if we don't lose our guys enough to the ball field over the next 3 months, we also have to sacrifice the one freakin' day a year that is supposed to be all about us. Instead, we are single parents for 12 solid hours both Saturday and Sunday.

So, today was not unlike any other day around here.

Except that....

a) B.Rube woke me up the first time at 6:30 am requesting my help with a new lamb born overnight. This is the third year running that we've had a lamb born on Mother's Day. How fitting. (Both the mom and the single ram lamb are doing really well, requiring no assistance from us, and already out in the field with the rest of the general population.)


b) S.Rube woke me up the second time at 8:30 am (after having gone back to bed) by vomitting all over the bed that her and I were sleeping in. Nice, stale, had-a-long-time-to-stew-in-there-overnight, curdled old vomit. She has since vomitted twice more, both times successful at finding the strategically placed garbage can. I am, however, forced to do massive loads of laundry on today of all days. How fitting.

(Happy Mother's Day, mom!!! I love you. You're the best and I can't wait to see you in less than a's off to the Wild Orange Spa for us.)


Anonymous said...

I hope you girls get together and have a spa weekend get-away during Father's Day weekend ... kinda like the weekend the women left! :o)

Magnolia said...

Sit and think....think of all the greatness in your your life.
If it makes you feel better....what is that saying? Sorrow loves company? I was up at 6am mothers day...did 4 loads of laundry...cleaned the bathrooms and got really sick in the afternoon and went to bed. So not the best mothers day on this end either. boys made me cards...a coupon to snuggle with them and a martini shaker and recipes. And for once in a very long time...I didn't have to make dinner.
Though the thought of truely having a day off seems wonderful...I don't know that it can really happen. Unless we run away.
Happy Belated mothers day to one of the best, most committed, dedicated and loving mommies I've ever known.
Cheers to mom's all over the world!!!

Anonymous said...

B.Rube, B.Rube, B.Rube. I hope you kissed that womans feet when you realized the error of your ways. You do realize the error of your ways, no?

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