Monday, May 19, 2008


It was the first HOT and sunny Victoria Day weekend for as long as I can remember. (and I'm using past tense while the long weekend is still in play, because the clouds and the rain have returned today.) The Rube family, taking advantage of the sunshine, headed to the rodeo yesterday morning.

Attending the annual Cloverdale rodeo on the May long weekend has been a tradition of B.Rube and I since 2000, when we lived within walking distance to the rodeo grounds. Here's a picture of us 8 years ago leaving the rodeo with our you can see, we are the LAST people in the whole stadium to vacate the beer garden seating. reluctantly (yet joyfully), might I add.

(man, those were KICK ASS boots, eh??)

Needless to say, B.Rube DID NOT carry me out of the stadium this year. For a number of reasons: 1.I'm just too fucking heavy now. 2.We weren't gleefully drunk. 3.We had a stroller to push. 4.He had a daughter to carry. 5.It would never have looked as good as it did back then.

But, I did wear my denim shorts, cowboy boots, cowboy hat and my "FARM HANDS FEEL BETTER" t-shirt. I had B.Rube take a picture of me that I'll share later on.

(holy shit - do you see that?)

( I can't help it! Look at those perfect buttocks!)

(bull? what bull?)

( Okay, you caught me. You caught me. )

(Here's the one picture request that I had for B.Rube all day. I wanted a full-length shot of me in my cute shirt and cowboy boots with the stadium in the background. Here it is. Are you ready?)

(That's me at the bottom here...barely got my head in there. It's probably a good thing, on second thought, because, after watching Muffin#1 and Muffin#2 all afternoon, seeing a picture of myself probably would have only made me sad. So, cute pic of me in my cowgirl outfit.)

(How about one more peek at the girls though?)

(yikes. Do you see that?? She's totally looking at me. totally is. I think she winked. If only she didn't have those big glasses on, you'd be able to see it, too. And she's kinda smirking, too. I know it.)
(yep. totally is.)


mlatulip said...

OMG. That post was too funny!! I love how the day went & loved the pic of you & b.r. from the way-back machine. Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the pics..and the little anecdotes about the muffin girls.
What does it mean that I kinda enjoyed the view? Hmmm....

J.Rube said...

How could you not "kinda enjoy" the view??? lol
I wanted to be snarky and catty towards them, because that's what all of the other women around me were being. But, I couldn't help myself either.
Good Lord - they were made perfect. Not a freakin' bump or blemish.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! I think the one in black has a muffintop when she turned around to look at you. A little doughy in front. :)
I want a pair of chaps!!

J.Rube said...

Okay, you're right. She DID have a bit of a 'ponch' in front there....and the startings of a bit of cellulite at the top of the back of her legs. (Not a great sign for someone so young.)

But, these shortcomings only made me love her more.

J.Rube said...

Oh, and KittyKat, I want you to get a pair of chaps too. AlleyKat would be alllllllll over that!!
You'd look fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Think there might be some envy -- that you didn't think of wearing that outfit first.
And for the record....I thought the picture of you and B.Rube was from this haven't changed a bit.

Ma-Ma p

J.Rube said...

awwwww..shucks...thanks, MaMa P!

If I thought for a minute that I could still get away with wearing this outfit, you know that I would!

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