Friday, May 30, 2008

The Sympathy Rose

Whoa - it's been a bit of a dreary week around the blog, first with the robin's deaths and then with the young hockey player's motorcycle accident. But, life around here just ain't like that really. It's not dreary or gloomy in the least. I just felt the need to tell you that. Because my mom worries that I come across as too angry, mean or unhappy most of the time.

Not since killing a nest full of baby robins earlier in the week, have I shed a tear.
Oh, that's not true, I cried a bit last night when the Bachelorette actually gave fucking TWILLEY a rose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Could you believe it????? I couldn't believe it.)

Hello???!! That guy is whacked. and clearly uncomfortable in his own skin. I'd seriously be concerned for her safety if it weren't for the cameras all around them. Twilley was waiting for her in the bushes when she got back from her date! He keeps wanting to express his serious side to her, but all he's demonstrating is a seriously insecure and bizarre personality! I could hardly watch the scenes between them, it made me feel so awkward and creeped out. I would have bet a million bucks that De-Anna took the opportunity to send him packing.

She obviously didn't pay one bit of attention to her intuition on this one. Cuz the guy clearly makes her as uncomfortable as he makes me.

And, mark my words, she'll regret her choice last night.

(and, believe me, the picture above is a generous one.)

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Magnolia said...

I have to agree with you on the Twilly guy. I don't watch often...but saw that one and I was creeped out too.

And as for coming across angry and such...I think you just tell it like it is. And I for one wish more of us could be that way. Also...anyone who knows you knows how postive a person you are. No worries.'s funny as fuck. LOL

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