Friday, May 2, 2008

Let Loose the Ladies' Libations

Can I just say that it is absolutely BLISSFUL to be packing my suitcase? What an easy job when I have only to take care of myself. I totally forgot what it even felt like. and I love it! (no snack packs and sippy cups or diapers and wipes). (Everyone thinks about how wonderful it is to have a girl (or two), but planning and packing outfits for 3 of us everywhere we go everyday every occasion is a lot of work. Mostly, it is me who sacrifices, as the little Rubes get priority in throwing together clothing in some semblance of fashion and order. I get whatever time and lack of creativity and caring is left over. usually, none. )
Well, not this weekend. It is all about me, baby.....

I'm heading out of town tomorrow at noon and won't be back until sometime on Sunday. Me and 7 of the Ma-Mas are going to Harrison Hot Springs for a night away. We've rented 2 cabins and plan on taking part in plenty of libations.

My secret for Sunday is that I'm not going to be feeling very well. (and that I consumed waaaaaay too many carbs from a bottle.)

Have a good weekend. You know I will.

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