Sunday, May 11, 2008

Perfection, not Progress

A friend recently introduced me to the saying "Progress, not Perfection"; a life lesson that suitably applies to many of us. I, by nature, struggle with this very thing. I am a Perfection-not-Progress-sort-of-girl. So, at times, the perfection part immobilizes me; kinda stops me dead in my tracks. Like this past week.

I spent a few days joyfully not thinking about A Rural Rube at all. I didn't even check my stat counter all week until 2 am this morning, when my curiosity got the better of me. I have to admit that seeing the continued stream of expectant regular visitors every day all week long brought about an achingly obvious eye twitch that still hasn't gone away.

My predictable behaviour in a situation such as this would be to walk away at this point, letting A Rural Rube go by the wayside with just about everything else in life that I've started to do and that I could (operative word here) be really really good at, IF ONLY I COMMITTED MYSELF. Instead, I am someone who has a bit of experience in a whole bunch of areas.

So, I'm going to fight this natural urge of mine. And continue on in the hopes of finding some sort of rhythm that fits for me; some sort of 'in between' the progress and the perfection, so that at least I'm still moving forward. And at least the rest of my life doesn't have to cease in order for me to be here once in a while.


Renee said...

I'm not sure if I show up on your stat counter or not - I read your blog through Google Reader. I am one of the people that's been checking your blog daily though, waiting for an update! I almost asked you about it via email...if you were gonna stop the blog thing. You're absolutely right about focusing on progress and not perfection - whoever said that was a Wise Woman! :) Give yourself permission to just have fun with this but not stress over it. I really enjoy your blog and feel like I've gotten to know you and your family even better since you started it. Not to put any pressure on you or anything. :) Just wanted you to know that.


J.Rube said...

very very wise! ;o)

Anonymous said...

glad to see you're back .rube!!

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly the second part of the saying is Action not Avoidance. progress not perfection. action not avoidance. faith not fear....a very very wise woman came up with that!!

But I totally understand. I still haven't shown the BigKat the sex position from 2 weeks ago. It looked difficult. :)

Magnolia said...

A saying that I have been recently introduced to is..."Better to ask for forgiveness than for permission." A motto I think my 7 year old lives by and believes in with every fibre of his being. Admittedly....I can see why sometimes. LOL

J.Rube....don't be hard on yourself. This was supposed to a fun venture for you. We are patient and will wait for your tid bits of info...guidance...and laughter.

You are pretty close to perfection in my books.

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