Thursday, May 22, 2008

Farm Update

We've been busy around the farm as the nice weather finally (albeit briefly) appeared over the last week or so.

The geese are getting bigger and their feathers are coming in. This was their first swim.

We're in the middle of a huge fencing job. Rather than having one large pasture out front, we're in the process of separating it into separate fields, so we can rotate the sheep and manage the pasture growth better.
We got a new patio set, which, aside from our bed and TVs, is the only new thing we've ever owned. I'm thrilled with it.
Especially considering that this was our patio set.

We finally put the trampoline up; something that S.Rube has been anxiously awaiting. (Don't worry - there is a big net that goes up around it. So I can lock T.Rube up once in a while.)

I borrowed the rototiller from our neighbours and put B.Rube to work preparing the soil for our garden. S.Rube and I planted the seeds. (read: I planted the seeds. She was no help whatsoever. What she did contribute was slowing the process down to a snail's pace, before I finally sent her off to dig for worms to feed the chickens.)

(I'll keep you posted on the garden. I'm not a gardener, despite being my father's daughter. We've planted at the back of the barn, which most recently housed our two pigs before they landed themselves in the freezer just before Christmas last year. It should be well-fertilized soil. I have no idea if anything will actually grow or not. I saw one of the hens in there tonight, digging and looking for my seeds.)

Here's a few more recent pics of the newest ram lamb born almost 2 weeks ago.

Can I just point out how fucking HUGE Sidney's head is??? Big Daddy..... (you know what they say about the size of your head, right? It's all true.)

Both girls are doing very well. And love the farm as much as we do.


Anonymous said...

Love everything about "lots of progress". Awesome to see the pictures of everything you're describing so I don't have to imagine, but can actually see.........especially S and T Rube.
Good luck with the garden.
I am a virgin this year as well. But not as extensive as you....I planted (2) --- yes (2) tomato plants. LOL

Magnolia said...

It looks like things are coming to gether on the farm. Terrific!!!
I love the new patio set--I'm still waitin' on mine...and the shed to be built...yadda yadda.
The girls pics are so adorable. I miss them. Can't wait to see how the garden turns out. I planted strawberry plants in a huge pot...does that count? LOL

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