Friday, May 6, 2011

Scoop it, Rinse it, Bag it, and Fridge it - the Baby Goats are Born!!

I got a text Saturday morning while in Eugene from B.Rube saying "I just watched the first baby goat born." Of course, she would wait until I was out of town, after my anticipating it for the past 2 months.
My first text back was "You gotta save the placenta for me!! Scoop it, rinse it, bag it and fridge it."
He said he would try, but would have to leave for work in a few hours. I told him to do what he could, but only half expected that the placenta would come out of this intact in a bag.

Daisy had two babies. A girl was born first, then a boy about 10 minutes later.  I've named them Eugenia and Portland.
Not only was B.Rube on hand to witness and assist, he also managed to pull out the best video of the first birth! Impressive.

While I sat in a bar in Eugene later that night with a table full of Vancouverites watching the Canucks (go on to lose in OT) a text message came through.
"The placenta is in the fridge."
I joyfully read it aloud to the group.... "The placenta is in the fridge."
Of course, Brenda was the only one who knew anything about what I was saying, so the conversation came to a dead halt. I told my story, and the guys around me were equally surprised and disgusted.

I must say that you all are very lucky that I wasn't home for this, because the following pictures would have been farrrr more detailed and graphic. Consider yourself spared.

Already scooped, rinsed and bagged...
Here you go...Enjoy!
Into the fridge next to the milk and the peanut butter.  No mistaking this for Girl Guide Cookies!
 And, into the freezer at the be thawed and examined on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the birth video!!! Such an amazing thing!!! Way to go B.Rube!!!

Magnolia (Sue)

AppleTree 43 said...

Nice job B.Rube!!!

AppleTree 43 said...

ugh, I thought I could handle watching the birth video....NOT, who was I kidding. Gag Gag Gag.

Jesus Christ.....that poor Mama Goat.
Gagging as I write...I have such a weak stomach for all the "goopity goop mucas stuff"..gag, gag.

Welcome to the Rube farm Eugena and Portland!

Yoli said...

Great video!!!! The girls lOved it too!!! Can't wait to inspect next week!!!! Thanks again!!!!!

Thelma said...

I didn't realize that you had named the kids Eugenia and Portland...inspired, J. Rube! can't believe that she did it while you were away...damn! but great work on the video, B. Rube. so very glad that your shot was clear and complete. it was a beautiful thing to watch...well, maybe not for Apple Tree ;-)

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