Thursday, May 5, 2011

Race Pics are in

The official race pictures were posted last night. I love getting them and seeing what I look like when I'm in that zone. I love examining my postures, and the differences that I see throughout the race. Mostly I think I look like I'm power walking. I noticed this in pictures from the Vegas race in December, and actually made changes to my running posture because of it. I now lift my knees higher and kick my feet back more, rather than shuffling along.
I love seeing the athlete in me; seeing myself look so strong. The culmination of all my effort.
It amazes me.

Here's the classic power walking posture I'm talking about:

One of the photographers managed to catch this series of photos at about Mile 11.0 which I have dubbed "Get outta my way, bitch". I think I just barely missed elbowing her as I pushed passed.... (You can click on it to see it bigger if you want.)

Here's a pic of me just after entering the stadium with the finish line in clear view. This is where I'm chanting "Just go. Just go. Just go. Just go. Just go. Just go."  I love the picture because of my posture. Clearly I have turned it on and am sprinting to the finish line. I'm not shuffling or power walking. I'm fucking running!

And, finally.... I happily cross that line.


AppleTree 43 said...

Loved the blog Jod.
AND so funny at the bitch in your way. It looked like she was walking....didn't she know she had a "Chawbacon - Ma-Ma Rube" behind her. HELLO!!!!!
Well done lifting those knees.

AppleTree 43 said...

p.s. -- thanks for the tip...didn't know if you click on one of your blog pictures it gets bigger! sweet

Brenda said...

Love the 'Get outta my way, bitch'. I died laughing when you sent me this photos. Totally looks like you were taking her down.

Maybe we've been watching too much hockey...but there is NO CHECKING in running!

J.Rube said...

I know!!! And what makes it funnier even is that there appears to be nobody else near us really. I had the whole bridge to pass her! lol
But, you know how your pace is at that point! Breaking it even slightly to move to the right or left isn't easy. It's all you can do to just go straight forward!!

She's lucky I shifted as much as I did to accommodate her as I passed actually. LOL

(your pictures are AMAZING!!!!!)

Renee said...

Yay, Jodi! Love these pictures!! So proud of you. :)

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