Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Placenta Monologues

So, that's Daisy giving birth on the right sidebar there. She's our Boer goat that had a set of twins at the end of April - a boy and a girl named Portland and Eugenia. I know seeing the video right there every time you visit makes a few of you gag. I am hoping to shock and educate all the young hockey fans who land at my site looking for the hot pierced boobs pressed up against the penalty box.
( you can see the boobs here.... )

And, if you remember, a local college instructor had asked for the placenta for a nursing class on labour and delivery. That placenta was rinsed, bagged, and then frozen at the college for last week's class. You all didn't think that I'd forgotten about it did you? teeheeheee

How about running your fingers through some of this?  (that's my good-sport friend, Yoli! Everyone say Hi to Yoli!!!)

Now, as if this isn't gross enough... I'm going to ask you to consider for a moment the act of eating the placenta. Most mammals in the animal kingdom do this. It has a name (which isn't cannibalism..) - placentophagy. Most humans do not practise this act, although there a number of midwives and doctors who proport that eating one's own placenta after birth can aid in issues of hemorrhaging and post-partum depression. The placenta is full of nutritional value, as well as large amounts of progesterone and smaller amounts of oxytocin; chock full of B vitamins and iron!
So, there is a trend out there to cook up and eat your placenta. It is not recommended to eat someone else's placenta due to potential blood illnesses. (Did you hear that?? You can not eat someone else's placenta! Just in case you were planning on it. Not a good idea. Even if you're good friends with the person. No sharing the placenta! Okay? You hear me! You just never know what's in that placenta....).

So, seriously though, if you're wanting to eat your own placenta...
Remember to remove the membranes and umbilical cord first. And then go ahead and cook it like you would any meat dish. You can cube it, bbq it, ground it up for patties, tenderize it, or even dehydrate it to make a placenta jerky.  Yummmm

Probably of the most benefit (because nothing beats the nutritional value of eating raw foods), but something that even I can't tolerate the thought of.... a placenta smoothie. No amount of bananas could mask the taste or smell of that one.

And....if eating or drinking your own placenta doesn't excite you much, why not consider buying the teddy bear kit and making this incredible personalized sustainable toy?
( I only wish that I was making this shit up... )


Gagging Martha said...

SHUT THE FRIG UP! THAT IS NOT A PLACENTA BEAR! What the hell is wrong with people?!?!?!

Yoli said...

Great post!!! Cant wait to show Ryan. It felt awesome running my fingers through it!!! Right up my alley!!!!!!

Mayan_Love_Goddess said...

Awesome, gory post!!!

There are no words ... I echo Gagging Martha's ... it was too much for my regular FB wall, but I posted it on the FB Shiloh's page and they're gonna have a field day!

I'll let you know it there's anything worth repeating. LMAO!!

Renee said...

Blech!! The pics kinda made me gag too. Smoothie??

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