Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Canuck fan flashes her boobs to Eager in the Penalty Box - the video!

It would appear that this fine Vancouver specimen took it upon herself to act in the role of the Green Guys in their absence at tonight's blow-out game.
No wonder Eager was so enthusiastic about getting his penalty minutes.

My friend at the game was wondering why the girl had got kicked out. Now you know.
The twins sure looked good up against the glass tonight, though, didn't they? ;o)


Confused and Jealous Martha said...

Those are some nice boobs.
I do not understand your video though...what am I watching? are you videoing your tv? Had you recorded the game or something and replayed it?

Why no green guys though?

Brenda said...

Okay, I admit it. It was me. Can you blame me? I paid a lot of money for those babies.

Vancouver women are already known for their beauty...but now we look real classy too ;)

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