Saturday, September 6, 2008

Life is Good

I had another night out last night with Thelma. You'll recall our night out a month or so ago that resulted in the prize winning ass-shaking contest and a drunk, yet prophetic messenger named Rick. I didn't get in until 3:00 this morning. and, despite feeling a bit dehydrated, I have a bit of a permanent glow on.

Life is good.

I spent a bit of money that I don't have on clothes that I don't need yesterday - bought a couple of new tops from Jacob and a pair of Roxy jeans that are smaller than I've worn in a long time.

Life is good.

A girl at the pub last night asked me if I had gone to a particular high school nearby because she thought she'd gone to school with me. I said no, but asked her what year she'd graduated and she said "1998 - it's my 10 year reunion!" I smiled and said, "I graduated in 1988 - it's my 20 year reunion."

Life is good.

A cute yet stinky dog named Tig humped Thelma's leg instead of mine. Sometimes she just brings out the bestworst in someone that way. (you see, not being the boss' wife has its perks.)

Life is good.

I just went to the grocery store hung over with my glow on, still wearing my two little bun thingies in my hair from last night and a bit of mascara smeared under my eyes with my Roxy jeans tucked into my Roxy gum boots and dragging my 2 sweet and darling girls behind me. It definitely looked like the morning after the night before.

Life is good.

And I just sold the car. They came this morning and took it. The cash is in my hand.
I am buying a new computer, baby!

Life is good.


second said...

sittin' here with a smirk...

d'ya know a good vet?
was it Dana?
he said, "ok"...I just peed a little...incontinent older woman; nice!

in Vegas I am not the boss's wife; astral projection/teleportation anyone?

J.Rube said...

These pythons are sick!

LMFAO, Second!!!

second said...

no, no, no...lMfao, ruby rube!!!

you hang onto those cookies, cookie...I'm gonna need a good night of cookies 'n cream halfway through the parental visit!

Anonymous said...

Need to know more about "those little bun thingies" in your hair???
Why exactly were there no pictures posted of this event and the morning glow????

Sounds like you had a GREAT night.
Ma Ma P

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