Friday, September 26, 2008

Meet the Rube Rabbits

We have 9 rabbits - 5 of which are grey, 2 are brown and 2 are white. And, amongst those of the same colour, it is near impossible to tell them apart. Which was proving itself difficult in our extensive Rube Rabbit Breeding Program. The rabbits mostly have their own cages, so we can keep them straight that way. But, when it comes to documenting their sexual activity, it was a fucking mess.

(for example)
Sept.18 - brown male mated with grey female
Sept.18 - white male bred other grey female
Sept.18 - grey male bangs white female
Sept.20 - white male mates with grey female (mom)

You get my point. We have no idea who is boinking who. We have no idea who is pregnant. We have no idea when to help prepare them for the birth and the babies. We have no idea when to breed them again.
We were desperate for a better system!

So, with all the spare time that I have on my hands as a stay-at-home mom, I set out on a creative project one afternoon that I hoped would solve our problem and also serve to beautify the rabbit hutch area.

So, without further ado.....
I introduce The Rube Rabbits...

So, now, the page in our Bunny Boinking Book is easy to deciper:
Sept.18 - Barney bred with Jacquie
Sept.18 - Lance mated with Jewel
Sept.18 - Justin bangs Lisa
Sept.20 - Lance mates with Josie

What I didn't account for was that the rabbits would eat their tags and ribbons within 24 hours of being named. Everyone but Lance and JoAnn actually. At least they appreciated my creative efforts.

I am now currently looking for suitable rabbit-proof alternatives.


...and on the day before my anniversary, too! said...

was I smiling whilst banging?!


J.Rube said...


J.Rube said...

and it wasn't you doing the banging. But, you WERE smiling, yes.

scorpian bunny said...

yes. oh, yes. yes

Anonymous said...


Love the end when you said they all ate their name tags. Heehehehhehehhe
"Rascally Rabbits"

Maybe next time -- spray them with chili powder deluted in water....they won't like that taste at all.

J.Rube said...

I'm sure I can find some lovely roasted bunny pics for you, MaMaP. Or I can resurrect the dead bunny picture from a couple months back, if you like.
(sorry about the chick on a stick. I know you're still having trouble sleeping after seeing that one.)

Anonymous said...

Your such a Rube!!!!

J.Rube said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Ruby, try bingo daubers, or coloured hairspray. thats what we used on ours, many moons ago. You can mark them on the shoulders or rump, the number of colours is a little limited.
Mama K

Alissa said...

LMAO! I love the project! The cute little bunny stamp and the stylish ribbons! The naming system is just genius! I suppose if you laminate them they will still eat the tags huh? They have some new tool for scrapbooking where you can imprint letters onto metal tags. Maybe try that! LOL

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