Saturday, September 27, 2008


On my morning chore route, I discovered that Lisa has a lovely little nest full of bunnies! We had moved her about 10 days ago to her own pad, far away from the others and well-protected and quiet. If you recall, Lisa was the baby-killing mom who previously removed her babies from the nest one night, where they all died. In a proactive move, we segregated her and gave her a lovely spot with a nesting box in anticipation of her next litter of kits.
But nothing happened. She's been pooping in the nesting box. And there were no sign of babies.

This morning, I discovered that Lisa has her babies hidden away in the far corner behind the nesting box and under all of the cedar shavings. And they look like they're already at least a week old - with fur and everything.
I am staying the hell away. You know me and babies in nests = BAD NEWS. I am going to trust Lisa to raise her babies. And you will not be getting pictures for a while.

Lance was the father of these, I believe. Based on the dates, it would appear that a previous attempt to breed Lance and Lisa was, in fact, successful. And that the more recent mating of Lisa and Justin will not produce any offspring.

I gave Betty her own cage and nesting box today too. She should be having her babies in a day or two and was starting to gather hay this morning in preparation. I think that Betty was bred with Barney.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lisa. Well done!!!
I can wait to see pictures if you promise not to kill the babies.


J.Rube -- what may I ask are you going to do with all these bunnies???

J.Rube said...

I thought you didn't want a picture of the 'bunny on a barbecue', P?

No, we'll sell them on craigslist or at the auction. They are bought as meat rabbits, as well as for pets. You can continue to focus on the latter, as I do, cuz it makes it easier that way.

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