Monday, September 29, 2008

Carolina Cargo

Because one huge white dog isn't enough, we're getting a new dog next week and we've named her C.C., short for Carolina Cargo. She is a Great Pyrenees and will be living with the sheep. For some time now, B.Rube has been researching working dogs. We want to provide the best protection possible to our animals, particularly after losing the geese and poor little Cindy to the coyotes this year.

He decided on a Great Pyrenees and then went about finding a good breeder.

Well, he found one.

In North Carolina.

We've been waiting for months for Daisy and Dreamcatcher to breed and for the litter to be born. Which happened just over 6 weeks ago. And we got first pick of the females.

You may be wondering how the heck we are getting C.C. home here to Canada.
Cargo flight.
The poor thing has one LOOOOONG day ahead of her next week, spent entirely in a crate. She will be flying cargo from Charlotte, North Carolina to Chicago, and will then be boarding a connecting flight to Seattle, where we are picking her up.

Here's my challenge:
Because this sweet fluffball will be living outside with the sheep, it is super important that she start out life that way. Regardless of how young she is and regardless of how fucking cute she is and regardless of how much we want to play with her, snuggle with her and love her, we can't.
She needs to bond with the sheep. They will be her family and her companions. Not us. I'm trying to wrap my head around this. There are so many hard parts to farming, but this may be my biggest hurdle yet. She is going to live with the sheep. Even at 8 weeks old, next week, C.C. will be sleeping with the sheep. We can't pet her through the fence or invite her up to the house, and we certainly can't let her in.
B.Rube told me this morning that by the time she is 8 months old or so, we'll be able to socialize a bit more. Once she knows who her real family is, where her place is and what her job is. Sheep, sheep, sheep.

How the hell am I going to pull this off?????
Look at her!!!!!!!!!


Family Of Five said...

SOOOO cute! I LOVE those dogs!

Magnolia said...

OMG J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think I could do it!!!

That face!!!!

Slacker mom said...

No way... couldn't do it... isn't there another way... like give her all the cuddles in the world for the next couple of months and then let her get used to outside next spring????????

Anonymous said...

OK -- count me out too!
You're gonna have the cute little fluffy puppy on the Rube Farm and you can't play/cuddle/kiss it.
I love puppy breath -- weird I know...but I would not have the will power and B.Rube would definitely be pissed at me for sneaking.

Awh -- isn't 8 weeks too young to take her from her Mommy? I'm no dog expert -- but it sounds young to me.

Hey I've got an idea ---- we're going down to North Carolina in November for Thanksgiving. Why don't we pick her up -------and she can fly up with us at Christmas???PLEASE PLEASE.

B.Rube can train her after that!!!


P.S. -- why not just fly her direct to Vancouver? That's what I did with my internationally traveling animals...

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