Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why is it...

....that I find myself at 11:00 at night madly searching the house for Goldie?

I easily found Teddy and both Chocolates, but I can't find Goldie. He's the Golden Retriever that her cousins gave her last summer. She has never really had a big attachment to stuffed animals or a blanket before. I could see her 'Teddy connection' growing steadily stronger over the past few months, now that I think of it. But, each night as she goes to bed, I kinda just hope that she'll fall asleep, not realizing they're not in bed beside her. But, each night now, she remembers.

And, I'm left searching madly for an increasing number of stuffed animals - one bear and three dogs at this point. Teddy, Chocolate, Chocolate, and Goldie. The two Chocolates are actually two different brown dogs, but are similar enough in colour to have been interchangeable at one time, up until a few nights ago. Now, they are both requirements; no longer able to just sub in for one another on any given night.

( The timing for this sudden onset of a need for her stuffed animals doesn't surprise me, considering I was just gone for a week. She claims to not have missed me, though. When I say to her, "I really really missed you when I was away.", she replies, "Well, I didn't miss you, Mommy." and when I act surprised or ask why not, she replies, "We're just not the kind of people who really miss people."

"We're just not the kind of people who really miss people." Wow. Weird.
That kid is kinda deep. and shockingly self-aware. And obviously has no need to tell me what she thinks I want to hear.
But, you know. She's right. We're really not. )

It's Goldie tonight that I find myself madly searching for. I found Teddy in the bed and both Chocolates together on the floor.
I finally find Goldie, underneath a pig, in textbook doggie-style. With a big grin on his face.

(And by the way, I DID miss you, S.Rube, regardless of what kind of people you think we are. In fact, my heart ACHED for you and your sister a few times. I missed you so much it ached.)

(Other than that (and a night of raging hormones), Vegas was awesome!)

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Magnolia said...

I totally get the search for the comfort items. My Mason has his "blanket and (used to be a baby doll) stuffed item of preference at any given time)He is very tactile and gravitates toward plush anythings. I hate it...blush means dust means germs means allergies and too much stuff in the bed. With Mason...the more the better. However...the matter how much I tried to deter a must. He carried it to daycare and had to have it at nap time....he snuck it to school in his backpack so he could run back for a quick blanky fix...and it has caused us great angst when lost. So much so that my husband forbid it to leave his bedroom. (So now he resorts to sneaking it downstairs when he isn't looking.)

So I feel for you...however...I can't bring myself to take this comfort from him. He really does get comfort from it.

And though I hope you don't need me to tell you....

S.Rube missed you more than you know. She is just trying to be a "big girl". And you were right to tell her how much you missed her. And she knew it already.

You and the rest of the Rube family are" that type of people".
I have seen it with my own eyes.

Hint: get S.Rube a nice basket to keep the "important" sleep items in. That way she can still carry them downstairs with her...but they will all be in their place.

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