Sunday, June 8, 2008

I met my friggin' goal!!!

In 2003, before getting pregnant with S.Rube, I weighed in at 129 at my fitness evaluation. Although part of me never imagined in a million years that I would ever weigh that much again, I've always held that magic number as my unimaginable goal.
You know, not only did I never imagine I would reach it again, I actually wasn't even sure it was possible.

I'm here to tell you. It's possible. Even after sitting at 140 for 5 weeks into my diet and fitness regime back in April, I reached 129 on Friday.
(and I'm not finished yet. I'll let you know when I am.)

(In case I don't get back here before 6 a.m. Monday morning, you can please picture me at the pool under a palm tree with my book in hand, looking sexier than hell, IN VEGAS! I'll be back late on the 15th. with stories to tell.)


Anonymous said...

Holy Shit ---- WOW --- are an inspiration to me J.Rube....cause my gutt is about 3x the size of yours in April.
You look fabulous...and I have a wonderful image of you under the palm tree.
Awesome idea to do the before and after pictures.
How'd ya do it.
Great job

slacker mom said...

HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!!

Family Of Five said...

You look super-duper amazing! Way to go! Do tell your secrets!!

Mom of 5 said...

You look HOT! Congrats on reaching your goal! I hope you have lots of fun in Vegas. Wish I was going to be there too!

Magnolia said...

J.Rube- though I couldn't picture you having any weight to lose...I must say you really did tone and lean out alot. You look stunning! All of your detication was well worth it. Enjoy your vacation and your new hot bod! Good work Lady!!!

Anonymous said...

You look awesome J.Rube!! I'm gonna catch up to you soon (I hope!!) of the 5

Winsome said...

Wow! Those before and after photos look amazing! Good for you.

Magnolia said...

So- I was looking at your blog at work a few weeks back and a few of the 14 year old boys in my class happened to sneak a peek at your pics. They immediately ran over to ask who you were and how I knew you. They said you were HOT!! And when I told them your age (or there abouts) they said I was lying. They said no way that was your age- that you looked in your 20's. LOL
Thought you'd like to hear that even to teenage boys you are HOT!!

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