Monday, June 30, 2008

The pigs have landed

I refuse to find them cute. The fact that they already stink helps me to stay disconnected from the little wriggly pink rodents. They don't have names now and they won't have names ever.

They will be yummy yummy in my tummy by December.

(Please save all of your food scraps for me.)

Here's their new pen. It is very likely too close to the house, the yard and the firepit.

They arrived in the box on the back of the truck on Saturday afternoon with pink markers down their backs. How fitting for the little Rube girls.

They stayed in this temporary pen for the day while B.Rube finished up the new pigpen.

And, happily moved into their new digs a while later.


Anonymous said...

AWH --- they are so cute. I love pigs -- use to collect anything "pig" when I was growing up.
I'm so excited that the Rube Farm has my favorite little animal.
Just think of Wilbur in Charlottes Web...they probably miss their Mommy.
I just hope the other Rube Farm animals are making them feel welcome.

Yeah -- I could never have a farm, cause those pigs would die a from old age with me. LOL

Congrats to your new addition
Ma Ma P

Magnolia said...

I will never forget the pig arrival last summer. The one where my very germaphobic, animalphobic, city slicker husband had to help get the crate of pigs off the truck.
The look of panic on his face when he realized he was in the pen with the pigs still makes me laught to the point of peeing today. LOL

Magnolia said...

Sorry- I forgot to say thank you to the Rube family for such great memories.

Thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnk You!!!

J.Rube said...

Good Golly - you are more than welcome, my friend!!!

I, too, am laughing at the visual of Roop in the pig pen clutching the gate (pretty much climbing on top of it, if I recall). LMFAO!!

It is the stuff that memories are made of, Sue. I love you. xo

Anonymous said...

Hey Rubey,
pigs are great! they are so smart, you will find it hard not to like them, but yep they probably are too close to the house...... and that grass in their pen wont last long either. I'm curious, why four? thats alot of pork are you going to trade some with a local cattle farmer or somethin?
Luv ya,
Mama Kat

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