Friday, June 27, 2008

Some of what I gained while in Vegas:

1. A heavier credit card bill. (We'd win at the slots and lose it at roulette. And never regain it again at pai-gow, sinking us deeper into the hole.)

2. A new tequila drink for the summer. (Steep tequila (preferably good tequila) with some fresh fruit and cane sugar. Add ice and ginger ale when you're ready to drink it. mmmmm)

3. A heightened awareness of how affected I am by my hormones. ( Vitamin B6 is worth a shot. or some sort of hormone replacement therapy. if worse comes to worse, a complete hysterectomy would be appropriate here, too.) (Sorry about Thursday night, B.Rube)

4. Two new friends from New Jersey. (cuz they reminded me so much of my current one.)

5. A flattened penny from the top of the Stratosphere.

6. Affirmation that I am truly and completely incapable of utilizing those automatic hands-free faucets and soap dispensers in all of the bathrooms. (they are just unable to detect me or something. kinda like a ghost not being seen in a mirror.)

7. A wicked tan. (which I plan on preserving all summer long, God help me.... okay... and the tanning salon can help too.)

8. A reconnection with B.Rube. (The schoolgirl outfit kicked ass. Need I say more?)

9. 3 lbs. (water weight... all must've been water weight.)

10. Two inflatable tubes, slightly used and a bit oily.

11. A hemorrhoid. (I am refusing to expand on this further, because it is just not a nice subject, although that has never stopped me before.)

12. Some vintage toys from FAO Schwartz. (S.Rube had requested that we bring her back "a spinning top" from Vegas. We found one, along with a few other items.)

13. The most comfortable and necessary pair of flip-flops. (stashed daily into my purse for all of our outings.)

14. An autographed ball from Pete Rose.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very "worth while" trip to me!!!!
hemmroids and all
Ma Ma P

Chevy said...

Where does one get a good schoolgirl outfit in size 8? Okay maybe size 10.

J.Rube said...

I can certainly get you one - would probably be about $40-$50, though. You might be better to shop around wherever you are or check online. The quality of most of them isn't great. And they are generally sized "one size fits all" or with a small and a large. Velcro waistbands and stretchy materials with ties help to accommodate a wide range of body shapes.
super sexy!

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