Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dare I....

....complain about the heat?

I thought that my week in Vegas would have prepared me for the heat when it arrived.
Not so much.
Somehow it's different when you're lying next to a lazy river and the only three things that you HAVE to do are 1) Dip in the pool when you get too hot, 2) Order yourself yet another football-shaped margarita and 3) Apply more sunscreen.

When it's over 33 degrees here and the things that I HAVE to do include (but are not exclusive to. ) : 1) Wiping up and otherwise dealing with shit (human, sheep, rabbit, human, human, goose, human, dog, human, human, human, donkey and pig, in that order.) , 2) Applying more sunscreen to everyone but myself and 3) Cooking a meal that involves the oven set to 450 degrees.

I am wiped out, man. no energy.

1 comment:

Magnolia said...

I seem to recall a three day heat wave upon our arrival for our visit with you last year. Wasn't it the same time? Thank goodness for our day spent at the beach.

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