Sunday, November 16, 2008

See. That's as exciting as it gets.

The reality is that sometimes life on the Rube Farm is rather boring and mundane; uninspiring and kinda like living in a vacuum; where there's not much to say and even less to think about.
Rather than write you mindless drivel, provide you with links to other funny places, or confess that I've been making poor eating choices again, I just shut up.

Right now, S.Rube is hiding behind a chair in the living room trying to poo. Or trying not to poo. I'm never sure which it actually is. In any case, there's a battle of some sort going on between her and her lower half. My only wish is that I don't have a carpet to clean in the end. Oh, and I'd like her discomfort to be eliminated, too.


Magnolia said...

There is a sad tone in this blog J.Rube. I wish I was there to do something fall down the steps...use salt in my tea by mistake....drool bubble gum juices down your leg....LOL
Then you would have something to distract you from the mundane and perhaps even a little something to write about on this blog....
Regarding S.Rube.....any advice from a doctor or naturopath?
Chin up are good stuff!!!!
Love ya

J.Rube said...

Thanks Sue!! I love you too. Got your message last night - thanks for the call. Let's try to touch base again this week. Call me from your free phone, k?
I'm okay. It was my 'hermit week' though, so maybe my mood was coming through in more places than I expect.
By the way, she still hasn't pooped. Since 11 am yesterday morning, and throughout the night.... (I was up 5 times with her!)
She's been getting extra fibre twice a day. I think she's just afraid now of any sort of painful feeling there, so she clenches up instead of letting out. I've cut off everything but water and fruit until she goes, and I'll even have to keep her home from school, if she doesn't go within this next hour.

On the plus side, I have a great week coming up with a ton of ME ME ME events, so things should pick up soon.


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