Sunday, November 9, 2008

More on Little Richard

I told you yesterday about the loss (death?) of our Golden Pheasant. Well, B.Rube isn't convinced at all that the bird was taken by a deadly predator and squeezed through the tiny slit under the fence in order to later eat.
He is fairly certain that the bird escaped. It would certainly fit with the theme on the farm this week, which seems to be ESCAPE.
B.Rube said that Dick's feathers came out easily and that the little piles that I saw may have been from when B.Rube took him out of his cage last week when we got him.

I like this theory. obviously. It kinda fits with my whole oblivious nature when it comes to loss and death on the farm.

So, from this point on, we are happily envisioning dear, daring Dick wandering around the fields and forests and safely roosting in tree branches at night.
What a lucky bird.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good luck Dick!

Although I think you'll be back when you realize how GREAT you had it at the Rube Farm

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