Friday, April 22, 2011

Keep your Eye out for the Placenta and Get the Fuck out of my Bed!

Well, finally, the sun is shining here this morning and the air is warming up. I was able to let go of my yearning for Palm Springs just a tiny little bit, and focus back on the sunny farm where I live.  There were no ducklings hatched while I was away and no new kids either.

I had an unusual farm request this week, however... a local college would like me to keep the goat's placenta for them for a course on labour and delivery. So, not only am I on Vulva Watch right now...but following the birth, I will also be on Placenta Watch. (Aren't you all in for a treat!!!).  We keep our eyes open for the placenta after any birthing normally anyway because we want to make sure that it does pass, and doesn't create infection inside the uterus if retained. If we don't find it quick enough, a mama will often eat some or all of the placenta, as both a protective measure and to absorb all of the good vitamins and iron that make up that mass. This will be the first time that I will be carefully shoveling up the placenta, gently cleaning the dirt and cedar shavings from it, and bagging it for examination.  You gotta know there's some good photography work coming your way.
And, speaking of Vulvas, Daisy is in the stall of the barn and getting very close to delivery. There is a bit of white mucous discharge this morning and I wouldn't be surprised to see her go in the next couple of days (although I've been thinking this for a month now, so clearly I don't have a clue!).

And, another uncommon, albeit not that unusual, occurrence today.... I approached the computer to check my mail and found this:
My first thought, after 'UGHHHH!!! DISGUSTING!!', was that the cat had puked or shat up something truly bad. And then I heard a squack and looked down the stairs and saw a chicken. And then a second chicken. CHICKENS in my newly renovated basement on my beautiful deep shag rugs!!!!

After chasing them out of the room and out the back door, which the girls had left open after coming in from playing (grrrrrr!!!), I cleaned up all the chicken shit I could find. None of which was on the carpet, thank god. And then I returned to my computer and cleaned up the counter. And then I gave the girls hell for leaving the back door open! You just can't do that on the farm!!!

And then as I entered my bedroom to fold some laundry..... I see this....

AAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! NOOOO!!! Get outta here!! Get the Fuck out of my Bed!

This is such a departure from arriving in Palm Springs a week ago. Maybe my yearning is still outweighing the acceptance of my reality.....


Yoli said...

That's awesome!!!!! Can't wait for the placenta!!!! Thanks so much!!

Thelma said...

oh my god, J. Rube!!! I love the pic of the chicken on your bed! it's definitely worth mounting. the picture...not the chicken.

AppleTree 43 said...

LMAO...chicken in your bed. heee hee hee.
PLEASE pictures of the placenta!!! I beg you

Amy Lima said...

Ahh! I know it's not funny but I am LMAO -- the chicken in your BED!!! They just take over, don't they? (glad they didn't get your rug!!!!)

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