Saturday, April 9, 2011

From A-Z

Age:  41 and FABULOUS!! (I know! I don't look a day past 34. ;o) )
Bed Size: King size, of course
Chore I hate:  How about all of them? Can I give that as my answer? I particularly hate (and refuse) ironing. And I do not muck out the barns.
Dogs: Three of 'em...       CC (Carolina Cargo), our working dog
                                           and Blackberry (BB) and Xena...

Essential Start to my Day:  a 1/2 cup of super dark strong coffee with hazelnut creamer and then, in the best case scenario....the bathroom
Favourite Colour: Really? What am I, 12? I don't have a favourite colour. Black I guess or brown or gray.... I am drawn towards neutral dark clothing.
Gold or Silver:  Neither really. So not into jewelry...definitely not gold. I'll say silver, but for the most part, I feel like a drag queen when I don most earrings, and I don't wear a necklace even. My ring is white gold and simple. I have a hoop through my left nostril that's silver - it's been there almost 20 years. And I am currently wearing one of these hoaxy athletic bracelets because B.Rube bought it for me in Vegas last month.
He bought me the white one which, I have to say, looks an awful lot like a hospital band around my wrist at first glance. These silicone bracelets with two holograms on them are supposed to give you strength, focus, balance, power and superhuman ability. There's no scientific evidence to back these claims up whatsoever, as the company has admitted, but still...they continue to sell. And athletes continue to wear them.  I guess I wear it because it is sporty-looking (albeit in a "I just spent a few nights in hospital sort of way") and defines me as an athlete....or the idiot who spent way more money than she should have on a hoax.
Height:  5'4" (this is a lame category) (and, yeah, maybe I am just bitter because I'm short.)
Instruments I play:  Guitar, djembe and I grew up playing the viola, but haven't picked it up in years. I would like to refresh myself on the fiddle or violin sometime in the future though.

Job title:  Housekeeper, day care center teacher, cook, computer operator, nurse, facilities manager, truck driver, farmer, veterinarian, writer, psychologist, laundry machine operator, egg washer, janitor and BOSS.
Kids:  Two amazing girls - S.Rube is 6 1/2 and T.Rube is 4 1/2 - and they're incredible beings!
Live: Beautiful British Columbia, Canada
Mom's name: Really? Mom's name? That's the category that some rube came up with?? I'm rapidly remembering why I hate filling out these things. First off, I have trouble picking favourite things and coming up with one quick and easy answer. And secondly, when you've come up with a category like Mom's Name....  Well, it's Sue, if you must know.  I'm going to change the category.
Mood:  Starting to get annoyed. ...with myself for starting this blog entry, and with this blog entry itself. Also, the Vega Sport that I'm drinking to prepare myself for a rainy run in a half hour is starting to create the jitters a bit as I just sit here.... So, my mood is annoyed and jittery. :o)
Nicknames: Unless you specifically have a cute or cool nickname or two (which I don't), this is also a pretty lame category. Jo, Jo Jo, Jode, Yodi, Rube.
Overnight hospital stays:  I stayed a couple of nights in hospital when I had both kids, and have considered committing myself to longer stays from time to time. 
Pet peeve: So, the fact that nothing instantly stands out as a consistent peeve is a good thing. I'm not a highly irritable person or an irrationally picky person who gets upset with toilet paper the wrong way or the seat left up.  What bugs me today might not bug me tomorrow. I am probably most pissed off when B.Rube goes back to his 4 days of work without stocking up the farm feed or even communicating to me that we are out of feed.
Quote from a movie:  I think there's only one quote that I actually use from a movie regularly and that's "Easy Peasy Japaneasy" - from the Shawshank Redemption.  And, it's hardly fitting anymore, as the poor Japanese have had anything but an easy time of it lately.  I think I will also always remember Robin William's 'Carpe Diem - Seize the day' speech from Dead Poet's Society, too.
Right or left-handed:  Right. (you know what they say about people who are left-handed, right?)
Sun or shade:  Duhhhhhh.... sun, of course. It's probably a good thing that I live in one of the rainiest parts of the world or I would look as though I was 50 instead of 34. I shall also declare publicly here that I still frequent the tanning salon once or twice a week for 10-minute shots of UV, and the opportunity to dry and warm my chilled sweaty body after a run.
Time I wake up: 7 am - maybe closer to 8 on weekends. 
Underwear:  ummmm....sometimes? Anyone who knows me well knows that I tend towards running around commando.  But, I got that cool Panties by Post subscription for Christmas, so I've been wearing some sexy shit lately too.
Vegetables I love and hate:  I love brussel sprouts and cabbage and asparagus and zucchini and sprouts and really mostly everything! I don't really hate any, although I probably choose carrots and eggplant as my least favourites.
What makes me run late: The kids, of course. The damn kids.....If it weren't for them and their pokey ways, I'd be a tad early for everything!
Xrays I've had done:  Nothing major really... dental? Do ultrasounds count? No sprains or breaks in this body!
Yummy food I make:   I can't possibly answer this! I'm a great cook when I want to be. I make an awesome Shepherd's Pie and Mac & Cheese. 
Zoo favourite animal:  I'm probably most drawn to the giraffes. They're fucking cool. I recently watched this youtube video of giraffes fighting. Crazy!!!

(and I'm really annoyed now that the font changed half way through this post and I can't seem to change it..... Gonna step away. lol)


Hiromi said...

YOU are a star! You could be famous if you had searched out someone to manage and promote you!!!

AppleTree 43 said...

I concur on the mac n cheese. YUMMY

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