Friday, April 8, 2011

21 km and running....

Today was the peak of the training schedule - the full distance of the half marathon....21 km....a highly anticipated event. It was an incredibly beautiful morning; the best of the year so far; not a cloud in the sky; sitting around 9, 10 degrees. Ideal.
(I can't tell you just how happy I am that I switched this run from Monday to today.  And, just to point out that I'm not THAT much of a wimp.... Monday set rainfall records. It wasn't just miserable and wet. It was the wettest April 4th we've ever had!)
Today, the wonderful, seldom-seen-in-these-parts sunshine kissed my face for 2 hours and 20 minutes.

That's how long it took. 2 hours and 20 minutes. My best time ever. But, I'm not completely celebrating it. Because it wasn't fucking easy. And I wanted it to be easy. I guess I even expected it to be easy. least? I've been getting into reading other women's running blogs lately and I think this has established some lofty and unrealistic goals. Because they're all running faster than me.  Elizabeth Fuckin' Hasseldork from The View (i know, I's Hasselbeck. But, she is a dork. A fast dork apparently.)  ran her very first 1/2 last weekend in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Now I want, more than anything, to beat her.   So, although today's 2:20 is my best time. I wanted to see more improvement than that this time around.  I've been working damn hard.

The reality is that it's not easy. I really enjoyed the first 12 km. I was exactly one hour in at the halfway point, so clocking a good pace, but I really struggled through the second half. My legs were tiring a bit, particularly in my hip area. I did a GU gel at about 12 km when I felt myself slowing down a bit and it definitely helped sustain me through the second half. I walked up two hills as I got closer to home because I just couldn't mentally or physically push myself through them. I have a slight decline during the last km which I joyfully welcomed, and coasted quickly to my finish line, where I collapsed over the hood of my car and began stretching my aching aching legs.

Two hours later, and two extra-strength Advil, swallowed with a beet/apple/carrot/protein Booster Juice, I'm starting to feel human again. 
Because running shit like that makes you feel like a bit of an animal. Now, if only I was a jaguar or a cheetah.....  (note I didn't say cougar, eh?)

Happy Running everyone!!!! Three weeks til the race in Eugene!


thelma said...

Well done, J. Rube! I was celebrating the fact that the sun was shining down on your 21 km accomplishment today. You DO work your ass off and I am so impressed with your consistency and commitment to your healt and strength.

thelma said...

Ummm, would you mind adding an 'h' to the end of healt? My error is bugging me. Thanks.

pitchick said...

Impressive, no matter how long it takes!!

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