Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stinky Black Balls of Guck

You know how ears have all of those crazy little folds and little hidden crevices and dark caves? Tonight, while wiping T.Rube's face, I found an entire fucking potato in one of those folds.

(In fact, it got worse.)
My severe negligence as a mother was amplified further when I discovered that each ear had 2 near-invisible crevices that were filled with stinky black balls of guck that were about the size of a pea. (Albeit a small pea.)

(I was exaggerating about the potato.)

In any case, the stark truth is that I had no idea that these little dirty pockets even existed. Because I haven't really ever cleaned her ears.

I've fearfully poked a q-tip in there twice, when I could see the wax building up. But, I was too afraid to bust an eardrum, so I did what little shallow digging was required and abandoned the task.

I certainly never noticed these crevices before.

It made me run to S.Rube quickly and grab her head to peer into her awkward ears. phew

No dirty peas. Thank God. After 4 years.....can you imagine???......

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Magnolia said...

Though the folds were did the right thing not poking around in there. When Carson was little I couldn't figure out why he kept getting ear infection after ear infection. Well it turned out that the wax was so compacted into the eardrum from my "cleaning" and Carson's attempts to self clean...the wax was not only holding the infection behind it..but in it was a vicious circle. Two visits to the E.N.T guy to hold Carson down while he removed the wax taught me a lesson.
Now - we wait for the wax to come to us.
Don't be hard on yourself J.Rube...we can't always get to all the holes, cracks and crevices.

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