Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Everything 'bout' the Kitchen Sink

I definitely spend at least a thousand times longer worrying about packing than it takes to actually pack. This is the sign of some sort of anxiety disorder, isn't it? I've been in an absolute paralyzed state for the last week because of it. Now, here it was, today. My final day of preparation. The day when I could finally bring things to the front door to form a mountainous heap.

After about a half hour into my dreaded task, I looked around the living room and was overwhelmed with the mess that the young Rube girls had created. Not surprised. But overwhelmed.

I began to lecture S.Rube (cuz she's old enough to know not to walk away) about it, explaining at great length that I was packing for camping today, and proceeded to list every single thing that we needed to bring, without a breath in between.....

"...every single thing that we may or may not use over the next few days, including, but not exclusive to....

every article of clothing that you, your sister and myself are going to wear; socks, underwear, bathing suits, shorts, shirts, shoes, sandals, pyjamas, pants, sweatshirts.
every thing we are going to sleep on and sleep in; the tent, the mattresses, sheets, blankets, pillows, teddy bears, choochies.
a change station; diapers, swimmers, wipes
the potty (for late-night happenings by S.Rube & ME!) and toilet paper
flashlights, batteries, bug repellant, string, clothespins, tarps, hammer, tape, hatchet, firewood, newspaper, lantern, Coleman stove, matches, barbecue lighter, citronella candle, candles, tiki torches.
the kitchen and everything we are going to eat over the next 5 days; food for every meal and snacks, every dish and piece of cutlery, knives, pots, pans, dish soap, scrubby pads, bowls, a collander, a spatula, scissors, a wine opener (AMEN) and a can opener, garbage bags, paper towel, tea towels, dish cloths, table cloth, tin foil, saran, baggies, tupperware.
the guitar and capo and tuner and sheet music.
Cranium and poker money.
every possible kids toy and book that they might want, including everything for the beach and sunscreen too, towels, lawn chairs, umbrella, blanket.
the t-shirts that I made for all the kids and all of the activities and games.
their bikes and helmets.
a mirror
and lots of alcohol. "

S.Rube looked at me in amazement and said, "Boooooouuuut....are you bringing the whole house or someping?"

Yeah, pretty much.
Holy hell. No wonder I'm overwhelmed. That's a lot of shit. But, it's all piled up at the front door.
I can't wait!

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Magnolia said...

First... let me say that I was 'jonesing" for a J.Rube anecdote...and it was way worth the wait!!!!!!!

Second...I cannot believe you didn't swear once in this whole shpeel. Amazing. glad it's you and not me. But have fun....?

Fourth...couldn't you think it through...and perhaps edit some of this 'whole house or someping" that you bring with you? Perhaps talk to others attending and share some stuff. Like... you bring the dish towels and I'll bring the wine cork?(keeping priorities in check of course)

Fifth....may I suggest a check list that you put on the computer and print off every year so you don't have to think so much?

Thanks so much for the belly laugh you so graciously gave me...whilst you were packing the "whole house or someping".


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