Monday, July 7, 2008


Yesterday was a busy day on the Rube Farm.
We hire a local girl named Johanna to shear the sheep.

Here is the pile of white fleece and the pile of black fleece.

The sheep look hilariously like emaciated goats now.


Anonymous said...

They probably feel naked.
What do you do with the hair?
Ma Ma P

mlatulip said...

That is totally my question. What do you do with the wool? My suggestion... Send it on to Robin to make an afghan out of. :)

J.Rube said...

Yes, it's wool, MaMa P.....Hair. lol
hmmmppphhh. You're such a Jersey girl.

We throw out the wool. It is so much work cleaning it properly (or keeping your sheep clean throughout the year!). It is super oily and gross. It is more work preparing it for use than we can ever sell it for. There used to be a lady in these parts who collected it all up - from hundreds of farms. But, it really isn't worth the work for us.

If Robin still wants some oily dirty wool, she is welcome to it. lol
The black stuff is really nice.
(and you can't see the dirt.)

Mom of 5 said...

OH my gosh, that gives me a heart attack thinking of all of that wasted wool. You should post it somewhere for someone who would want to clean and spin it and use it. If I were crafty enough to make my own yarn, I'd probably raise sheep for the wool. You can dye the white wool and make some AWESOME yarn with it. It makes for really warm socks and scarves, and the colors can be amazing. Oh, I'm drooling now.

Too bad I'm lazy!

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO -- Oh My God.....I'm suck a "dorkkin"......or a Rube.
Another farm lesson learned from J.Rube.....
Thanks teacher
Ma Ma P

Magnolia said...

I remember that young lady from when we were there last year J.Rube.
I was very impressed with her- glad to see you brought her back.
I like how they look without the wool on. It's funny- but it's cute too.

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