Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Did Burrows bite Bergeron?

Damn it, it sure looks like, doesn't it?
At the end of the first period, there's a pushing and shoving match between a few different players. And Bergeron is claiming that he was bitten by Burrows.
Why-oh-why would you take a undisciplined cheap shot like this one, Burrows, if in fact you did? In Game One of the Stanley Cup finals? It was a 5 pm game; a bit early for your liking. Did the hunger pangs set in?
You just know they're reviewing it this second and will be sending out the suspension shortly.

Or not...

With Burrows' hand up in front of his mouth like that, it's kinda hard to determine whether there's an actual biting that happens.  And Burrows DID serve a 4 minute penalty for that scrum. In fact, in a game full of penalties, and no love lost, maybe we just move forward and see where the rest of the series takes us.
And quite likely, a little bite on the finger through a glove will be the least of the damage.

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My sentiments exactly.

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